Tuesday, 23 August 2011

Rentergirl Is Back!

Some of you have been kind enough to notice and comment on the fact that I stopped writing rentergirl for a while. There are many reasons. Bubbling under everything is the simple fact that because of the lack of focus on housing and other condem ruses it all became hard for me to write.

More simply and less catastrophically woeful is the fact that I lost a memory stick with months worth of research material on it. I couldn’t find anyone I trusted to mend it, for a reasonable amount of money, and so lost momentum. Any suggestions?

But now rentergirl is back, with a few changes. I put an awful lot of work into this, and must earn a living. After a great deal of soul-searching, I decided to accept one of the many offers of sponsored links. Indeed I am actively seeking ads (see links to the side and above.)

I will not allow sponsored posts – they detract from the integrity of what I do. All sponsors having read the blog are aware that I regularly write strong criticism of property related businesses. And those of you who craftily try and include adverts in comments – haven’t you learned that I always delete them?

Furthermore, I am opening the blog up. Please suggest topics you would like covered, and I’ll see what I can do. My experiences good and bad are not unique, but let me know if you think I have missed out on any aspect of the renters life and I’ll see what I can do.

Trolls and nasties beware, however. For the time being, due to some sinister comments and attempts at intimidation, I will moderate all comments before they run. This blog is a troll free zone. It is not a discussion board, with all the nastiness that seems to entail, but I would like readers to put their temperate, relevant (hopefully funny…) comments on this blog, then after moderation, they can appear.

So let’s get started again, at what is a difficult time for tenants, with rents in the south rising, lack of protection, lack of suitable property and indeed a lack of will to regulate.

Oh and finally: all the publishers who have been reading rentergirl still, don’t be shy at contacting me…

Welcome back.


Dazzla said...


Good to see you back, RG. The tragedy is that the situation in the south gets worse and worse just as more people will arrive there looking for work, with the bulk employers in the North laying off staff.

RenterGirl said...

Thanks Dazzla! I wish things had got better in the interim, but they're worse, aren't they?

Stuart Hedges said...

Welcome back! I wish your blog would become irrelevant, but it just doesn't Glad you're here as our voice. My latest tribulations involve quite incredibly amateur landlords, and equally amateur letting agents who don't seem to have the will to keep them in check. All this in the expensive south...

RenterGirl said...

Do you see what I've done here Ben Reeves Lewis, TRO? I deleted your attempt at a free ad...This is what he had to say:

'Good to see you back. I thought you'd thrown in the towel for a bit there.

I'm with Suart too. I'm a London TRO and most of my cases of harassment and illegal are from amateurs who dont relaise what the law requires.

And AGENTS!!!!!! dont get me started. We have multiple property frauds going on at the moment with several agents who are working together.

You see RG? Plus ca change'
Thanks Ben!

Techno Mystic said...

I've given up for myself really (I'm 42 now). I have come to believe that it is a massive stitch-up. Osborne gave landlords yet another tax break in his first budget. Any change will come too late for me. Maybe there is hope for the younger ones.

The last few years have really shown me how little anybody cares. I used to be loyal and law abiding to Britain but now I won't even be returning my voter registration form. I don't want my vote anymore. Already didn't fill in the census, and I've stopped paying my TV Licence too. They can all go take a running jump as far as I'm concerned.

RenterGirl said...

That's a bit grim, Technomystic. What happened? I know the renting thing is bad, but what about the other stuff? I'd say welcome back, but you don't sound happy.

Neil80 said...

Welcome back RG :o)

Like I said before your comment and commitment is needed now more than ever

RenterGirl said...

Thanks Neil!
Hope you enjoying a happy renting experience (fingers crossed)

Anonymous said...

Welcome back RG, missed your posts, glad to say my renting experiences so far have been happier than your posts suggest they could be.


RenterGirl said...

Glad to hear that Paul. What is everyone's best ever landlord? Am thinking about post on this...

Samantha said...

Yay - you're back!

I love your blog so I'm glad you didn't disappear for good – there are still so many issues in the rented sector and it doesn’t look like it is getting better any time soon. The Coalition seem hell-bent on making the UK a paradise for landlords and hell for anyone under 35 – or anyone else who hasn’t managed to get onto the property ladder yet.

Oh, and my best ever landlord would be my current landlady. She lets us treat our flat as a home, hasn’t put the rent up once in 3 years, has promptly dealt with the few repairs required and hasn’t inspected us once. Fingers crossed it stays that way.

Anonymous said...


Despite u saying u lost your USB drive, I assume you mean the data got corrupted & u still have the drive...

Anyway, Spin Rite came to mind. It's at GRC.com. Don't work for them (and all other relevant disclaimers) but that software may help retrieve your information off the drive if it's sufficiently valuable to you.

Nice to see you back - no need to approve this post - just wanted to help. I trust the guys at GRC for information on keepng my PC safe (see their Security Now podcast too if u like).



RenterGirl said...

Hi Noel! Thanks for the tip. The stick actually requires soldering, which brave people can do, but seem to charge a fortune. I really could do with some help with that! Thanks though.

Anonymous said...

Hello RG,

Re your memory stick - if it's just a solder job then a repair or even a temporary fix using a spare USB plug with flying leads to get the data off *should* be pretty easy.

There's quite a few geeks out there with soldering skills (myself included) - you just need to find one ! In your shoes I would try to find a friendly local Computer/TV/Electronic repair workshop. The work itself should only take 10/20 minutes or so.

You could always try a Maplin shop for advice - it's a popular geek hangout - although a lot of the staff at my local one these days seem to be quite clueless unfortunately.

Good luck in your search!