Thursday, 17 September 2009

Tech Support Request - Broken Memory Stick

So there I am, about to post, and my memory stick dies. Anyone know how repair/reactivate/exorcise the little blighters? I have quite a lot of stuff on it, so any help is welcome.
Normal posting resumed as soon as humanly possible.


Reuben said...

Hiya Rentergirl,

Can you define 'dies' a bit better? I am a geek by profession, feel free to email or chat to me re this (am on GTalk and MSN via my email address).

First things I need to know are (1) why you think it's 'dead', (2) what OS you are using, (3) the make and model (if its visible) of your stick.

-- Reuben

paul said...

Some memory sticks that are nearly dead work temporarily again in older computers, apparently there is something in it that tells the computer that it is dead so it does not open or asks to be formated but some older computers are not programmed to look. Worked for me.

Dan B said...

... Or try it in a Linux {OS] machine. I've heard it can mount in Linux when WIndows doesn't recognise it. Assuming you're using Windows and not Mac..

QG said...

All of the above comments are sensible.

I'll try a few suggestions of my own. Sorry if any of this sounds insultingly obvious but you have to start somewhere.

1. Have you had the chance to test the USB port on the computer with any other memory stick or USB device? The reason I ask is that it could be the USB port (or internal cable to motherboard) that has failed instead of the memory stick.

2. For reasons similar to above, have you tried the USB stick in another computer?

3. About the time of the problem occuring, was any change made to the computer configuration that you know of?

4. I have seen situations on Windows system where the computer just forgets to assign the USB stick a drive letter. Assuming you are using a recent version of Windows, you can open the 'Disk Administrator' utility by running the command 'diskmgmt.msc'. There should be a graphical illustration of disk storage represented by horizontal bars. Normally, each bar will have a description of the file system type and a drive letter. If you right-click on the bar, various otions will appear in a drop-down menu (tread carfeully here).

Sorry, that's all I can come up with off the top of my head. I'll keep an eye on this for feedback in case you have any further questions.

RenterGirl said...

Thanks all! It's a nightmare. By 'dead' I mean the little light does not come on, and not when I try anpother USB port. Other memory sticks work in the ports as well. It is 'loose' as if broken. I understand they can be soldered by experts. It is a 'disgco' stick. OS? Erm...what's that? Do you mean Windows( which si what I use)? (Yeah , I know - I am anti-geek.)
Thanks for your offer of help, though, Reueben, and everyone. I keep thinking it will come alive again...I just wnat to print the info off, or transfer it. I am angry as I deliberately don't keep stuff on my laptop , as they can be stolen. This loss is devastating. QG - it's the mechanics of the stick, I think, which I why I would more accurately describe it as 'broken.'

Anonymous said...

If it's 'loose' then the connectors have probably come away. Do you have any friends with a soldering iron? It's likely very easy to fix. Just remove the casing and solder the connections back on.

Anonymous said...

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QG said...

"it's the mechanics of the stick, I think, which I why I would more accurately describe it as 'broken.'"

Sadly, all I can suggest is:

a) Opening the stick in the hope that there is an obvious break between the little circuit board and connector that can be repaired - but even that will require a fine tipped soldering iron and preferably some practice on some expendable electronics.

b) Find a friend who can help with above.

c) Try a data recovery company. If memory serves, you are in the Manchester area (?). I found this with Google and I'm sure there will be more if you look around:

(Obviously, I have nothing to do with this company and cannot judge whether they're any good or competitively priced.)

MrPeregrination said...

If it is still broken and there is something important on it then you can mail it to me if you like and I'll take a look. Can't promise anything but if it's just needing to be soldered up I should be able to sort it out for you.

RenterGirl said...

Mr Peregrination, I may well take you up on that, if there is no loval help forthcoming. Thanks everyone! I have some posts in progress on the memory stick, so I'm - well.. stuck until it's sorted. Thanks loads. I'm going to get a hard drive now.